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Adaptive Optics in the 21st Century
Update time: 2016-10-19
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Title:Adaptive Optics in the 21st Century

SpeakerEdward Kibblewhite

Time:10:00 AM,Oct. 202016  

LocationLecture room 201  

Edward Kibblewhite developed and was the first director of the Automated photographic measuring facility at Cambridge. This facility produced several thousands of referred papers over its 20-year lifetime. 

He moved to the USA in 1986 where he has spent the last 25 years developing high resolution imaging techniques from ground and space.

This included the design of reconfigurable Michelson interferometric arrays, the construction of a number of high order Adaptive Optics Systems and the development of CW and sum frequency lasers for generating sodium beacons.

Recent research interestsinclude the use of adaptive primary mirror technology to build the next generation optical and IR telescopes, and the improvement of coronagraphs to image faint exo-planets.   

Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS