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Graduate Education
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Development strategy of NIAOT:

 On basis of assurance to accomplish Mega-science project(LAMOST) as quickly as possible in the near future,NIAOT will concentrate on proposal and preliminary research of key technology for optical/infrared telescope with aperture of 30-100 meter in order to promote advancement of astronomical high-technology of the institute meanwhile actively carry on international exchange and cooperation。Through above-mentioned methods,NIAOT will become first-class level institute in China and play an important role in  international astronomical community。

  NIAOT is also one of the certified educational bases,offering doctor and master degree programs in the fields of astronomical instrumentation and technology,and is in collaboration with a number of internationally renowned astronomical observatories and astrophysics institutes in cultivating young scientific and technical talents。By now the institute has professors more than 20,two academicians and postgraduate teachers more than 20。At present the number of postgraduates in study is approximate 50。

Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS