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    Optical--NIR Solar Eruption Explore Telscope
    Update time: 2009-09-02
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       ONSET is suggested to explore the solar eruption in the solar atmosphere layer between the chromosphere and corona of the solar atmosphere. It is composed of four tubes:

    1):f 275mm vacuum tube with a 1083nm/0.05nm Lyot filter。

    2):f 275mm vacuum tube with a 656.3nm/0.025nm Lyot filter。

    3):f 200mm vacuum tube working on 425nm and 360nm by use of corresponding interference filter of 1.5nm FWHI.

    4):f 140mm guiding tube。

       All tubes are placed in a compact equatorial mounting with very nice appearance。

       ONSET is working on two observing modes: Whole and local region with high optical resolution。

       ONSET will be installed in a site near by a big Fu-Xian Lake with excellent daytime seeing。

    Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS