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    Proposal and pre-research of key technology for optical/infrared telescope with aperture of 30-100M
    Update time: 2009-09-01
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      More than ten of 8-10m class level ground optical/infrared telescope and Harbe space telescope in the world have been so far brought into astronomical observation,which have detected some infant cosmic event and discovered more than one hundred planets similar to Jupiter of extra-solar system。These observational results intensively excited astronomers and people all over the world,who hope to observe more infant cosmic events including first generation of galaxy and instellar which illuminated dark universe。In order to observe daybreak of universe,study instellar format,detect near core area of milky way galaxy and other galaxy and explore planet similar to earth surrounding near instellar,optical/infrared telescopes with more larger aperture are needed to be constructed。At present schemes among which pre-research have been started for 30-100m telescope in the world are as follows:
    1):Europe scheme for 100m telescope (OWL)
    2):Europe scheme for 100m telescope (EURO-50)
    3):America scheme for 30m telescope (GSMT,CELT)
       In China research group for 30-100m telescope headed by SuDingqiang (academician) and CuiXiangqun(chief professor),nearly simultaneously with other country in the world,conducted proposal research for Chinese ground optical/infrared telescope with aperture of 30-100m(CFGT)。In 2000 research group firstly put forward proposal for meridian telescope with aperture of 30-100m and small F ratio,short tube as well as small secondary mirror,which arouse great influence on international colleague。Technology advantage of NIAOT which is at leading position at home while on international frontier list below:
    1):Research for optical system of new concept telescope
    2):Technology for aspherical mirror with large aperture and high accuracy。
    3):Active optics technology for very large telescope
    4):Technology for giant telescope(giant precision mechanism and structure,ultra low velocity tracking

    Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS