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    2.16M optical telescope
    Update time: 2009-09-15
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    first class prize of science & technology progress award of CAS in 1997first class prize of national science & technology progress award in 1998
      Astronomical telescope is the most important instrument for astronomical research
    Modern astronomy can not exist without telescope2.16m telescope is the largest optical telescope in China as well as in Far EastSince operation in 1989a lot of excellent astronomical achievements have been obtained from 2.16m telescopeTill October 1998more than five hundred active galaxy core have been discovered including more than two hundred quasars among which some have important value in the study of cosmologyTwenty-nine supernovas discovered by China have been conducted identification and studied among which some special supernovas attract attention of astronomical community all over the worldA lot of observational data for special variable star have been obtainedUntill 2.16m telescope was plundged into operationextragalactic observational study in China cannot be initiatedChinese astronomical observation move forward from photoelectric measure to spectra observation and stride a new stageIt is upmost principal observational apparatus for research of astronomy and astrophysics in ChinaA new coude system for 2.16 m telescope has been put forward and successfully constructedwhich is not only convenient for switch but also has upmost sound image because of correcting spherical aberration and comaDesign result of field corrector for R—C system lead to upmost better image quality than that abroadWhich has been successfully developedAll these have obtained international acknowledgement and very excellent appraisal but because of too bad quality of mirror substratefabrication of the mirror still has difference compared with international advanced levelThe telescope is a giant and precision optical instrumentrotation part with weight of 90 Ton adopting oil pad bearing and precision gears only need 3 watt to realize tracking motion for celestial bodiesMotion resolution of second mirror of the 2.16m telescope can reach 0.6microIt takes four-five minutes for the telescope to conduct switch between R-C system and Coude systemIt is greatly convenient for astronomical observation not to conduct any correction after precision switch between the mechanism of the first plane mirror and second mirrorThe computer-controlled system for astronomical optical telescope was initially developed in ChinaRequirement of tracking accuracy in design task book is 2 arcseconds/30 minutesbut PTV of actual results for long time only 0.55 arcsecondswhich comprehensively reflect excellent level of mechanical system and control systemThe appraisal of review is that “The telescope firstly adopted relay mirror as switch for coude systemdesign of field corrector for optical system reached international top-grade class levelthis is a 2m class level telescope which reached international advanced level”A lot of astronomical instrument specialists and astrophysics scientist in China were cultivated through research and manufacture of 2.16m telescope

    Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS