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    Solar Multi-Channel Telescope
    Update time: 2009-09-15
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    first class prize of science & technology progress award of CAS in 1995,second class prize of national science & technology progress award in 1996

    Solar Multi-Channel Telescope (SMCT) at HSOS is a unique video magnetograph in the world that can simultaneously measure the solar 2-dimension magnetic field and velocity field with different spectral lines. SMCT excels in the innovative design of its Multi-Channel Filter. It can simultaneously measure Stokes parameters of different magnetically sensitive lines produced at various altitudes of solar atmosphere to get the solar magnetic field and velocity field. The field of view can be either full-disc or local active region. The profiles of spectral lines and profiles of Stokes parameters can also be scanned. In general the SMCT is a system with high sensitivity, high efficiency, high temporal and spatial resolution and mediocre spectrum resolution. Listed below are the five optical telescopes of the SMCT.
    · 60cm Solar 9Channel TelescopeThis telescope is a vacuum Gregorian reflector equipped with the unique Multi-Channel Filter and can simultaneously obtain 5 monochromatic images, vector magnetic field and velocity field by measuring 5 spectral lines produced at various altitudes of solar atmosphere.
    · 35cm Solar Magnetic Field Telescope
    The photospheric vector magnetograms(at 5324.19? )and chromospheric longitudinal magnetograms(at 4861.34?) can be obtained。
    · 10cm Full-Disc Vector Magnetograph with a universal filter(bandwidth 0.1? )Full-disc vector magnetograph is a 10-cm telescope equipped with a universal filter. The system can observe full-disc vector magnetic field, longitudinal velocity field and corresponding optical image.
    · 14-cm Full-disc & Local H TelescopeA 14-cm telescope equipped with a tunable H-alpha filter (-32? ~ +32?,bandwidth 0.5? ), 2 CCD cameras (one for full-disc H monochromatic image another for local region image)
    · 8-cm Full-disc Calcium Monochromator A 8-cm telescope with a Daystar filter (at 3933? , bandwidth 2? ) for Calcium monochromatic image observation。
       SMCT is mainly applied to basic research of solarphysics,applying basic research of solar-terrestrial relation and applying basic research of forecast for effect of solar activity on space environment and disturbance of communication。

    Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS