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Signing and unveiling ceremony of cooperation agreement between Zhejiang University and NIAOT was held
Update time: 2019-11-30
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On the afternoon of November 20, the signing and opening ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the Nanjing Institute of Astronomical and Optical Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIAOT) and College of Optical Science and Engineering (COSE) of Zhejiang University was held in the conference room of NIAOT.

Professor Zhu Yongtian (director of NIAOT) introduced the overall situation of NIAOT, hoping to realize common development by the construction of the base, complementary advantages in optical engineering and application, and integration of science and education.

Zheng Zhenrong (vice president of COSE), introduced the overall situation of COSE. He said that  two sides have a number of points of convergence in the direction of the subject, hoping to promote cooperation between education and research.

At the signing ceremony, Professor Zhu Yongtian and Professor Zheng Zhenrong signed a long-term cooperation agreement on behalf of NIAOT and COSE of Zhejiang University, respectively, and unveiled for the teaching practice base and graduate student practice base.

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