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Delegation of the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO) visited NIAOT
Update time: 2019-04-18
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Delegation of the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research (TNO) leaded by Kees Buijsrogge, which is director of space science instrument department of TNO, visited NIAOT On April 2, 2019.

Firstly, Matthew Maniscalco (senior business developer) and Jan Nijenhuis (senior system engineer) at TNO gave an report about achievements of TNO on the key technology of large aperture telescopes and participation in the development of international astronomical device such as E-ELT etc.


Subsequently, Prof. Zhu Yongtian (director of NIAOT) and Prof. Hu Zhongwen (assistant director of NIAOT) as well as related Specialists conducted discussion and exchange with the TNO delegation.

After introduction of NIAOT given by Prof. Zhu Yongtian, bilateral discussion focused on 12m Large optical infrared telescope (LOT), which was listed in Major Science and Technology Infrastructure program of 13th Five-Year Plan of China.

Progress on pre-research of key technology of LOT firstly was presented to TNO team meanwhile future bilateral cooperation was also dicussed.

Accompanied by Prof.Zhu Yongtian, the TNO team visited the LOT model and related Laboratory.

TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research with its headquarter in the Hague, was founded by law in 1932, dedicated to 15 professional fields such as transportation, aerospace, medicine as well as electronic communication etc.

TNO Website: https://www.tno.nl/en/about-tno/

TNO has participated in the development of many internationally famous ground-based and space-based astronomical telescope, such as E-Elt, VLT, Gaia and LISA etc.


report about TNO given by Matthew Maniscalco

bilateral discussion focused on 12m Large optical infrared telescope (LOT)

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