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Research on key Technology of Magnetic Field Measurement of Solar Photosphere was started
Update time: 2018-12-14
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Research on key Technology of Magnetic Field Measurement of Solar Photosphere which is key project of National Natural Science Foundation jointly applied by Yunnan ObservatoryNanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology as well as Nanjing University in 2018 held its starting meeting at School of Astronomy and Space Science of Nanjing University on December 7

At the meetingFang Cheng which is academician from Nanjing University stressed that the time resolution of the traditional filter can not keep up with the demand of scientific development and liquid crystal filters with high time resolution will be urgently needed by the new vacuum solar telescope NVSTand the optical and near-infrared Solar Eruption Explore Telscope ONSET)。

Prof.Jin Zhengyu then introduced the overall situation of the project which adopt synchronous image reconstruction technology to improve the spatial resolution of solar magnetic field measurement and liquid crystal filter at 532.4nm to improve the time resolution

Furthermore , previous work and future research plan of the project team  was also introduced by Prof.Jin Zhengyu

Associate prof. Liang Yongjun of NIAOT gave a report on the development of the liquid crystal filterWang Xiqun of Yunnan Observatory gave a report on the synchronous control and testing of liquid crystal wave plates and Xiang Yongyuan of Yunnan Observatory gave a report of magnetic field measurement based on high resolution reconstruction

Prof.Mao Weijun as director of Solar Instrument Research Department of NIAOT also attended the meeting

Future development plan and research method for the project was also discussed at the meeting


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