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The project of LAMOST middle resolution spectrograph was accepted
Update time: 2018-11-18
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LAMOST is the first one of National Major Scientific Projects in astronomical field,which has been already successfully accomplished the pilot spectroscopic survey and the first five years’ regular spectroscopic survey until June 2017 after the two year commission period from 2009. 

On December 31 2017,LAMOST released its fifth Data ReleaseDR5to astronomers worldwide,which includes all spectra obtained during the pilot survey and the first five years’ regular survey. 

Through LAMOST DR5,a total number of 9.01 million spectra were released to the international community,which included 7.77 million high-quality spectra with SNR ≥ 10. 

The 16 LAMOST spectrographs have been upgraded to have both low- and mid-resolution modes of observation in 2017. In the mid-resolution mode, the resolution can reach up to 7500with 2/3 slit),and the wavelength can cover 495nm-535nmblue bandand 630nm-680nmred band 

The LAMOST carried out the middle resolution trial spectroscopic survey in October 2018 after ten months commission period from 2017.  

According to the LAMOST development plan, the mid-resolution spectroscopic survey officially launched in October 2018 will be carried out in the next five-year survey. 

This project of LAMOST middle resolution spectrographs was funded Key Research Program of Frontier Sciences and Bureau of Facility Support and Budget of Chinese Academy of Science, CAS, and passed the acceptance on September 26, 2018.

The LAMOST low and middle resolution spectrograph

Footprint of the LAMOST mid-resolution spectroscopic survey in the commission time

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