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Solar chromosphere telescope was successfully installed for Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Update time: 2018-03-22
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Recentlythe second solar chromosphere telescope jointly developed for Indian Institute of Astrophysics IIAPby Nanjing Institute of Astronomical optics & Technology NIAOTand Nanjing Astronomical Instruments Co.LTD sees first light

The solar chromosphere telescope self installed by india in Hanle observatory of IIAPconsists of three tubes

1):chromosphere observing tube-- clear aperture 200mm

 full-disc observing modeΦ41’field of view1.21 arcsecondspatial resolution

 local observing modeΦ16.5’field of view0.48 arcsecondspatial resolution

          full-disc image and local image employ the same CCD

2):photo-electric guiding telescope tube

3):finding tube

The solar chromosphere telescope is equipped with Hα birefringence filter mounted in collimating optical system

Speciafication of Hα birefringence filter

1):clear aperture 36 mm

2):center wavelength6562.81Åpassband FWHM0.4Å

3):wavelength shift range+/-4Å controlled by PC with shift accuracy1/100 Å

4):two-stage constant temperature function with accuracy of 1/1000C

The solar chromosphere telescope has automatic pontingautomatic trackingCCD automatic finding function which is completely controlled by computer

The solar chromosphere telescope can be remotely controlled while its parameter remotely modified so that remote observation can be achieved with corresponding attachments

At presentNIAOT have developed two solar chromosphere telescope of its kindon October 2014the first one was installed in Kodaikanal observatory of IIAP by NIAOT and observation has been conducted since then

The second one was self installed by india in Hanle observatory of IIAPunder remote guidance of NIAOTDiffraction limit images can be obtained by these two solar chromosphere telescope which are the best ones of its kind

three images of solar chromosphere--first light of solar chromosphere telescope in Hanle observatory

solar chromosphere telescope and attachments installed in Hanle observatory

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