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Experts at Australian National University and Australian Astronomical Observatory visit NIAOT
Update time: 2017-06-21
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On June 13th – 14th, 2017, Prof. Anna Moore, the Director of Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC) at Australian National University (ANU), Associate Prof. Francois Rigaut, the Head of Adaptive Optics Group at ANU, and Dr. Jon Lawrence, the Head of Instrument Science at Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) visit Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology (NIAOT) in order to investigate and discuss the possible opportunity for international cooperation in future.

At the visiting duration, the Australian experts introduce their organizations, the developed instrumentation and the current projects, and then Prof. Yongtian Zhu, the Director of NIAOT, the Academician Xiangqun Cui, Prof. Xuefei Gong, the Deputy Director of NIAOT, and the other researchers respectively introduce the current status on Chinese Large Optical Telescope (LOT) and Antarctic Kunlun Dark Universe Survey Telescope (KDUST), and some instrument projects and technical research under development. Both sides clearly express the cooperation intention, and open the deep discussion in the possible cooperation. In addition, Associate Prof. Francois Rigaut gives an academic presentation titled as Adaptive Optics at the ANU: from space debris to galaxies, to introduce the development and application of Adaptive Optics.

AITC is an Australian national research organization for developing fine instrumentation and space-base system, including design, integration and test. AAO is a division of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of Australia, which operates the Anglo-Australian and UK Schmidt telescopes on behalf of the astronomical community of Australia, as well as the leading astronomical research institution and optical infrared observation base over the world.


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