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Yang Shihai,the Member of China’s 32nd Antarctic Astronomy Scientific Expedition,Returned in Triumph
Update time: 2016-04-25
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Chinese icebreaker "Xuelong"returned home from Antarcticais anchored in the dock in ShanghaiApril 122016after conducting the country's 32nd scientific expedition to Antarctica

The icebreakercarrying China's 32nd expedition teamcovered about 30,000 nautical miles in the 158-day expedition

Yang Shihaithe associate professor of Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & technologyNational Astronomical ObservatoriesCASreturned in triumph

China's 32nd expedition team set off on November 7th2015 from ShanghaiThe expedition team covered about 10,000 kilometers in one-month voyage and reached the Prydz Bay in the Antarctic

Then XUELONG started to unload the cargo and prepared for Inland expeditionTwo Chinese Antarctic expedition inland teamsincluding a total of 38 researchersset off for Antarctic inland on Dec 15, 2015

At 5 o’clock pm on Dec.30th2015Dr. Yang Shihai and the other twenty-seven members of the Chinese Antarctic inland exploration team reached Antarctic Kunlun Stationwhich on the peak of Antarctica's inland ice capthe 4093-meter-high ice dome Aafter 16 days of trekDr. yang Shihai was busy with the work of maintaining Antarctic Survey Telescope (AST) and other astronomical instruments

He completed his mission successfully after 20-day’s hard workThe Chinese Antarctic inland expedition set off for Zhongshan Station at 8 O’clock am on Jan. 21st 2016And they were back to Zhongshan Station in the afternoon on Feb. 7th finally

The Antarctic astronomy scientific expedition completed many taskssuch as maintaining a telescope named as AST3-2installing cameras and temperature sensorsThe observation data are gotten and emergencies on site were dealt withHis partnerDr. Yu Cethe associate professor of Tianjin Universitywas in charge of PLATOAt the same timethe scientists in Nanjing monitored the telescope day and night remotely

Clean energy resources are installed at Kunlun Station this time such as wind power and solar power for more new astronomical instruments in the future

AST is the first large unattended automatic survey telescope developed by ChinaThe telescope is 680mm in diameter with entrance pupil diameter of 500mm. The features of the telescope are automatic tracking with high accuracy, cleaning snow and frost by itself, operating at the temperature of -80 with high reliabilityultra-low power consumptionetc

AST is a “Pathfinder” for China Antarctic Kunlun Observatory and it is developed and maintained by Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & technology/CASNational Astronomical ObservatoriesPurple Mountain ObservatoryTsinghua UniversityBeijing Normal UniversityNanjing UniversityTianjin Normal UniversityA wealth of experience has been accumulated in the process



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