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A DIMM developed by NIAOT successfully measured the seeing at new Antarctic Taishan Station
Update time: 2014-02-28
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Recently, the 30th Chinese Antarctic inland expedition team reported a good news that the DIMM (Differential Image Motion Monitor) developed by Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optic & Tech, ACS start the seeing measurement at Taishan Station from Jan. 14th, 2014. The seeing measurement was successfully fulfilled during polar day at the Antarctic Taishan Station following similar measurement was taken at Antarctic Kunlun Station. Both provide crucial site data for the future development of the Antarctic Astronomy.

The seeing describes the irregular movement and blur of the star image formed by telescope, which would affect the actual resolving power of the telescope. For site seeing measurement, the DIMM are widely used. Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Tech dedicate to Antarctic astronomy research several years ago, and now grasp the key technology on the DIMM measurement at the Antarctic, beginning with the seeing measurement at Antarctic Kunlun Station since 2011.

The extremely severe environment, such as low temperature and low atmosphere pressure, should be conquered to observe at the Antarctic. It was more difficult to assemble and adjust the DIMM during the polar day as the stars are invisible by the naked eyes. The NIAOT upgraded the whole DIMM system with automatic star finding and guiding function. So the expeditors could efficiently find the stars during the polar day and start the seeing measurement. With these improvements, satisfied seeing data collected at the Taishan Station.

Up to now, the DIMM conducts its continuous observation properly at the Taishan Station and produces valuable seeing data. After this mission at the Taishan Station, it will be shipped to another Antarctic station -- Zhongshan Station, and measure the seeing there during the polar night. The seeing data from Kunlun Station, Taishan Station and Zhongshan Station would complete the whole seeing condition database about the Chinese Antarctic station, which lay a good foundation for the future development of the Antarctic Astronomy.


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