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Vice prof.Xu Linze of NIAOT complete Chinese 29th Antarctic astronomical expedition
Update time: 2013-05-03
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On the morning of 26 March 2013,Vice prof.Xu Linze of NIAOT returned to Nanjing after completion of Chinese 29th Antarctic astronomical expedition。

Xu Linze has accomplished following tasks:

1):maintaining the AST3-1 telescope (the first one of three Antarctic Survey telescopes) and verifying the remote control system;

2):setting up the new telescope tent and surveillance camera;

3):changing the low temperature lube and upgrading the control system software;  

4):replacing the 108 rechargeable batteries of the new energy and communication platform—PLATO;

5):maintaining the power supply system and updating internet switching equipments;

6):replacing the broken power distribution union to reinstall normal power supply and communication;

7):bringing the 3.3T observation data back for the astronomers to study。

On the way from and to Kunlun Station, vibration data of scientific instruments shipping were also collected.。

Now, the AST3-2 telescope is under the test run for its first light and undergoing final fine adjustment。From the 29th Antarctic Astronomic Explore,precious experiences were gained for building,maintaining following Antarctic telescopes,and also for their observing mode。

A good foundation was also laid for the Chinese Antarctic Observatories-one of the National Sciences and Technology Infrastructures in“12th 5 years”。

Demolition of the dome  by Xu Linze

 installing of new dome by Xu Linze

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