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Vice prof.Xu Linze of NIAOT left for Chinese 29th Antarctic astronomical expedition
Update time: 2012-11-14
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On 5 November 2012, Vice prof.Xu Linze of NIAOT left for 29th Antarctic Astronomical Expedition from Guangzhou by icebreaker Snow Dragon。

Middle (Vice prof.Xu Linze of NIAOT

Vice prof.Xu Linze main task listed as followers:

1):matain first one of AST3(AST3 including 3 Antarctic Survey Telescope) ,install new dome and windscreen。

2):maintain PLATO-A (power supply and communication supporting platform system for AST3) and install new auto-run meteorological tower

3):bring back observation data

4):data acquisition of transport vibration from Zhongshan station to Kunlun station


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