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The Symposium on the Proposal of Kunlun Dark Universe Survey Telescope (KDUST) was held at NIAOT
Update time: 2012-10-11
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On Sept. 24th, 2012, Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology (NIAOT) hosted the Symposium on the KDUST Telescope which would be one of the major facilities in Chinese Antarctic Astronomical Observatory.

The attendees included Prof. Wang Lifan -- the director of Chinese Center for Antarctic Astronomy (CCAA), Prof. Feng Longlong – the deputy director of CCAA, Prof. Shang Zhaohui – the vice director of CCAA, Prof. Zhu Yongtian – the director of NIAOT, Prof. Cui Xiangqun – the academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, Prof. Yuan Xiangyan, Prof. Gu Bozhong and other researchers from NIAOT, Purple Mountain o bservatory and National Astronomical Observatory.

The draft of proposal was reviewed at the meeting, which was prepared by the researchers of NIAOT under the frame of the Proposal of Fundamental Infrastructure for Important National Science & Technology, Chinese Development and Reform Commission. The main discussion focused on the specifications of the large CCD detector array, setting up a group working on scientific objectives, working schedule of the Data subsystem et al. The experts also pointed out more details should be put in some parts of the proposal.

The symposium enriched and improved the Proposal of KDUST Telescope. Another subject discussed on the meeting was setting the mission and working schedule of the 29th Antarctic Astronomical Expedition, especially the plan of building the windscreen for the first Antarctic Survey Telescope (AST3-1).

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