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SONG Plan sponsor Prof. Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard visited NIAOT
Update time: 2012-08-23
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Prof. Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard , who is the sponsor of Stellar Observations Network Group (SONG) and the famous expert on helioseismology and asteroseismology of Aarhus university, visited NIAOT from Aug. 15 to 17, 2012.

During his visiting, Prof. Jorgen Christensen-Dalsgaard made a wonderful speech with the topic of “The SONG project: overview and first results”, which explained the background of the SONG plan, scientific goals and the progress of the whole global network.

Prof. Guomin Wang and Prof. Zhongwen Hu from NIAOT made the introduction of Chinese SONG telescope and instruments to the visiting guest. Later discussion was held between two sides about the telescope remote operation, global network coordination, performance consistency of each node telescope, data exchange and share, and other concerning topics.

The SONG plan is to design and build a global network of small telescopes located at 8 existing observatories around the world, dedicated to study the internal structure and evolution of stars at a level of detail using an advanced technique called asteroseismology and to search for and characterize planets with masses comparable to the Earth in orbit around other stars.

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