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Image for transit of Venus obtained by ONSET
Update time: 2012-06-11
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   On June 5th-6th 2012, a transit of Venus across the disk of the Sun takes place,which was viewed at Yunnan observatory by ONSET(Optical-NIR Solar Eruption Explore Telescope)developed by NIAOT。

   Venus transits are very rare events which last 6.5 hours this time。It can not be observed again untill 2117。

all-disc solar image at 360nm by ONSET ("black drop" Venus)

all-disc solar image at 425 nm by ONSET ("black drop" Venus)

all-disc solar chromosphere image at 656.3 nm by ONSET ("black drop" Venus)


Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology ,National Astronomical Observatories ,CAS