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First one of AST3 (Antarctic Survey Telescope) passed the customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and will be transported to Antarctic Kunlun station on Dome A
Update time: 2011-10-26
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AST3 (Antarctic Survey Telescope) consists of three Schmidt telescope with schmidt plate aperture of 500mm and spheric mirror aperture of 680mm。

Construction and commissioning for first one of AST3 has been finished by NIAOT and National astronomical observatory。

The telescope equipped with 10k*10k ccd camera has function of remote-controlling,point tracking and auto-focusing。

On 16 October 2011,specialists from national natural science fund and domestic observatory as well as domestic university conducted customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for first one of AST3。

After listening to the scientific objective、research report for telescope、camera and data management as well as trial observation,specialist group agreed that AST3 have distinguishing feature  on its opticalmechanical、electricaland data systems as well as scientific objective。

AST3 will become pathfinder for construction of Chinese antarctic observatory and much larger aperture antarctic telescope,which will provide important experience for China to develop large aperture space telescope。
On the evening of October 18,first Antarctic Survey Telescope left from NIAOT and arrived in Shanghai Polar Center harbour in the next morning。

The telescope will be transported to Antarctic Kunlun station on Dome Aby Chinese Antarctic exploration ship("Snow Dragon")。


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