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    Delegation of Americal Thirt Meter Telescope(TMT) visited NIAOT
    Update time: 2009-12-29
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     On 16 December,delegation of Americal Thirt Meter Telescope(TMT) including Gary Sanders(project manager )Jerry Nelson(chief scientist)Larry Stepp(principal of telescope) and Luc Simard (principal of instrument) visited NIAOT to discuss feasibility of collaboration。

     Professor Cui(director of NIAOT) and Professor Zhu(vice-director of NIAOT) received the delegation。

     Gary Sanders(project manager )gave a lecture titled Telescope design, science instruments and current status”,then Professor Cui(director of NIAOT) gave a report titled “LAMOST project and its relevant technology development”。

     In the afternoon delegation accompanied by  Professor Zhu visited mirror lab,low temperature lab for Antarctic telescope,active optics lab,friction--driven lab and lab for detecting extro-planet 。

     After then delegation had a dicuss with some scientific persons of NIAOT about related technology of TMT and collaboration possibility。





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