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    Specialists of international evaluating committee came to NIAOT for reviewing LAMOST on the spot
    Update time: 2005-06-10
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       On May 30 to 31 2005,eight specialists of international evaluating committee came to NIAOT for reviewing national mega-science project—LAMOST on the spot。All of them are famous astronomers or astronomical instrument specialists from different countries:
    • Richard Ellis (Prof. of California Institute of Technology、director of National Optical Astronomy Observatories、former director of Astronomy Institute of Cambridge University);
    • Peter Gillingham (specialists for astronomical instrument and fibre position of Anglo-Australian Observatory、former director of  Keck Astronomy Observatories);
    • Richard G. Kron(principal of SDSS project、Prof. of Chicago University、former director of Yerkes Astronomy Observatories、chief astrophysical scientist of Femi lab);
    • Gerard Lemaitre(principal of optical division of Marseilles Astronomy Observatories、specialist for active optics);
    • Lothar Noethe(principal of optical division of ESO、specialist for active optics、principal member of OWL project、former principal of active optics for 4x8 VLT);
    • Larry Stepp(general principal of TMT project、former optical principal of GEMINI project);
    • Fried Watson(astronomer of Anglo-Australian Observatory、principal of 2DF project);
    • Don York( Prof. of Chicago University、initiator and former principal of SDSS project);
        Accompanied by Zhao yonghen(general manager of LAMOST)、Cui xiangqun(director of NIAOT and general engineer of LAMOST)、
    Li guoping(general technician of LAMOST)etc,reviewing group inspected items as follows in detail :
    • Alt-azimuth mounting with 8m diameter for Ma ;
    • Installing and adjusting locale of truss for Mb ;
    • Active optics outdoor experimental facility ;
    • Active optics lab ;
    • Force actuator lab ;
    • Prototype of multi-objects fibre spectrograph ;
    • Prototype of mechanism for sub-mirrors of Ma and Mb ;
    • Friction drive testing ;
    • Hexagonal submirrors with 1.1m in diagonal for Mb manufactured by Russia ;
    • Manufacturing and testing locale in mirror lab of NIAOT for hexagonal submirrors with 1.1m in diagonal for Ma ;

       Specialists of reviewing group paid great attention to progress of LAMOST。They inquired a lot of key problems in detail and carried on warmly discussion with engineer of LAMOST during inspecting。Before leaving for Beijing ,all of them expressed that excellent job of LAMOST project in NIAOT gave them deep impression。

    specialists of reviewing group in active optics lab
    photo of all members of reviewing group


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