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    NIAOT sign the cooperation agreement with NRIAG
    Update time: 2004-01-19
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       At the invitation of National Research Institution of Astronomy and Geography in Egypt,Prof.ZhuYongtian who is vice-director of Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology,together with Prof.YaoZhenqiu,visited the institue in Egypt starting from January 7 to 13,2004.

       Under the NRIAG arrangement,Prof.Zhu and Prof.Yao,accompanying by Dr.A.M.Osman who is director of astronomical division,visited headquarters of the institute in Helwan and 74 inches(1.8 meter) optical telescope in the Kottamia astronomy observing station while carried on the academic exchanges.

       Under the frame of scientific cooperation agreement signed by National Science Fundation of China and Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology,NIAOT and NRIAGs signed the bilateral cooperation agreement,which involve with postgraduate cultivation,personnel training and short-term scientific visiting as well as research and manufacture of astronomical instruments.

       Both parties considered consistently that foundation should be firstly laid on advantage and academic foundation respectively while concrete cooperation project conducted as quickly as possible.Both sides confirmed coordinator respectively.

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